Monday, 11 December 2017

Make sure you know when to say no!

This Morning Mr Andrew Patterson came in with Ex-student Raenan. Mr Patterson brought Raenan in to share with us his experience of the past 4 year through Tamaki College. They also shared us a video of a year 12 boy from Manurewa High school, Dwight. Dwights background may shock you from what you would see today. Raenan shared with us that if you just keep your mind on your work and 'Go Hard' you will earn great success. Mr Patterson Interviewed Raenan at the start of his visit.

Raenan shared with us some of his own motivational references like 'Make the most of your opportunities' and 'Make sure you know when to say no' and lastly 'Go hard to have the best outcome'.  Mr Patterson also shared a video of Dwight sharing a speech only last week. Even though his father was a member of the Mongrel mob and Dwight was around violence from a young age, he still succeeded. A quote from Dwight was 'Change won't happen unless you change it yourself'.  I found that both Dwight and Raenan are inspirational young men. My goal is to be an inspirational student for the Pt England intermediate kids in 2021(when I'm in year twelve).

Monday, 4 December 2017

Kiwi Kids News

In this task I looked at a few different articles on Kiwi Kids News. I also answered a few of the questions list below.

Perspectives and Opinions.

Walt: Identify the ideas and opinions of the author and share my own in comparison.

In this task I read a few different articles about the RLWC game of Tonga v England. I found proof of the happenings during the game. I think Tonga won How about you?

Friday, 1 December 2017

Measuring Angles

walt: Identify and measure different types of angles.

 I found this task easy to go through. I got into the questions very easily although, about halfway into my questions it got harder for me to figure out. Overall I really enjoyed doing this task.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

End of year Poem

End of the year now feeling blue
Just past Halloween all night saying boo
My friend and I are stuck together like glue

For the next few weeks my heart will be filled with sadness
But moving onto college with great friends brings me gladness
I know on the last day it will be filled with madness

Just remember we'll always be friends
No matter what happen they'll always lend me some pens
What great friends I have I know I'd rate them all 10s.


Emotions. With sad, happy, scared and frustrated all the emotions were matched with a song chosen my Yvonne and I. We both looked at different options and we chose which songs most suit our emotions.

Letter to RLWC Tongan Team

Image result for tonga flag
A few weeks ago, I heard alot of people talking about this big game of Tonga v Nz. I wasn’t sure of what to expect from these two teams. Of course I was ready to watch the intense game. From the first 10 minutes I had figured out who the winners were and from there I was hoping they’d take out the RLWC 2017. Unfortunately on last Saturday one team got in the way.

Malo e lelei,
My name is Cameo. I have really enjoyed watching your games the past few weeks. With excitement and thrill you doubtlessly brought the best entertainment any other team could of. I thank your team with much gratitude. I’ve learned from you all that one's love for their culture will never change.

For me you've really changed my perspective on the reasons you played. Your hearts are rich in your culture. Everyone aware of the RLWC would have seen that throughout the whole competition you showed dedication, Inspiration and Motivation. You've really made all of tonga proud on how far you've come.

Thank you so much,