Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My trip to the Auckland Art Gallery

My trip to the art gallery.

Last week on Friday  my class and I travelled to the Auckland Art Gallery. It was an amazing experience through the art world.Class 10 went because our topic for term four is art attack and we hadn't been on a trip for a while.

My groups first session was the self guided session. It was Amazing because we got to be the first to touch the Lego and to create with it we built towers and thing-a-ma-jigs . I noticed that when I last went to the Art gallery there was a giant flower on the roof and now it’s gone apparently they change the sculptures every six months.

The second session were the gallery tours led by Charlotte. she took us into a room called the Victorian era room. Charlotte asked us to close our eyes  and she told us a story , after the story we had to find the painted art that matched the story.

Our last session was in the art studio. My group had to cut out jars and we named them story jars. In our story jars we shared a recount using drawings. My recount was about going to Ironmaori it is a Maori triathlon.

This was an amazing experience through the art world. Next time I go I will be so much more excited for it than I was this time. Maybe if you go to the city you could visit it some time.