Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I luminate

Walt: write a recount with correct punctuation and grammar

Have you ever watched a hip hop group, In the dark? I luminate performed for my school and it was on fleek. I luminate wears costumes that are all black and they have LED lights all through them. When i luminate started dancing to the music everyone watching were just shocked and we all screamed happily.
It was an ordinary day then all of a sudden we had something “special” in the hall waiting for us after lunch. Turns out these three people are extraordinary and awesome at what they do. I luminate is an amazing dance group, my school was so amazed that throughout the whole thing everyone was just screaming.

I luminate came from america so they had a long journey. I was so excited, I even got one of their autographs. If I get the opportunity I would totally go to america just to see them.

In this task I wrote about an awesome performance that happened. I saw so many fun and cool things during
this event.

Fun week Yr 7

Walt: write a recount about the last week of term 1.

It was the last Wednesday of the term and The year 8s Left for camp. Once the year 8s had left for their travel to Marsden bay, Ms Muliaumasealii announced that we would be watching a movie called ‘From Boyz 2 Men’ but the cool thing about it was not only did Ms Muliaumasealii act in it but she helped backstage to film and edit. We didn’t watch the whole movie at once so after lunch that day we watched it close to the end and we ate caramel and buttered popcorn.

It was day number two of the year 7 fun week and I was into school early morning to help organise everything along with other leaders. In the morning block Sulieti, Anahere and I were cutting leighs to get the flowers, unfortunately It was morning tea so I played with my best friend Dezarae and Daniella and we played last card, after a few games the bell rang and I had to leave school.

I had said my goodbyes and I went home with my mum. For lunch my mum and I went to ‘my bakery’ and we got some hot chips then we went to the bakery by my house and got some pies then we went home and ate about half an hour later we travelled to papakura where my grandparents house was, picked up to of my uncles and then we headed to Mangere College for my nana's farewell ( she was the P.E and dance teacher ). After that we stopped at mangere bridge for a few minutes then we headed to the airport, once I got to the airport I went in to greet my koro later we went to McDonald's for dinner then it was time to go.

I really enjoyed last term but it went really fast. Everything that happened was all just awesome I hope to have more experiences next time. My highlight last term was definitely the last week of the term it was such an action packed week I loved it.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Wool & Nail art!

Walt: create wool and nail art.

In this project Yvonne, Seini and I created this
art with nails, Wood, hammers and wool.
This is a sad face that we all made it was quite easy
and this is all of us.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Show not tell

Walt: write 3 descriptions that show not tell

In this task I wrote three descriptions about a male warrior, an elderly couple and a fierce jaguar.
I think that this was really hard but eventually at the end I got there.

Monday, 16 May 2016


Walt: compare and connect- I compare the similarities and differences in texts, Characters, plots, settings, themes and information sources. I can make connection between a range of texts.

Monday, 9 May 2016

My Book Review

Walt: create a book review using google presentations

This is my book review and The book I read was Planet of the lawn gnomes.
I wrote what I thought about this book. By rating it and thinking more about this book
I loved it even more.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly Term 2

It’s the first day back to school for term 2 . This morning we had an Immersion Assembly and this terms topic is “as i see it”. Team 1 are focused on Their favourite things and they are going to draw their favourite thing.

Team 2 are focusing on Seasons. Spring , Autumn , Summer and Winter,
Each class has been assigned different seasons. Team 3 are focusing upon Building and Architect based on a tv show called Grand Designs.

Team 4 are creating their own Comics using, Pastels , drawing and they are even creating digital comics on their chromebooks. Lastly Team 5 are focused on Waka, Te aurere , Hokule’a , Hikianalia and Hinemoana.

I really liked the team 4 performance because they remade superheroes.
They had Wondering woman , Bat guy and Team leader America plus the ametaur heroes and their villians name was Bear baxendine. They story was about bear baxendine trying to steal Bobby Jons Chromebook.