Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cameo's Year five and six Camp

Have you ever slept with your friends at school in a tent??
Well I did it last week  from Wednesday to Friday with the other year 5 & 6’s. It was so cool to sleep at our own school.Those three days were an amazing experience.

On Thursday Me and My group the Caretakers played a cool game called get lost we split up into four groups of four. My group was called the maroon takers. we did the gangnam style on a picnic table, painted our faces, dressed in costumes and we went to Oamaru creek.

On Wednesday I went to go do baking me and the girls in my group made
cheese scones,we made them fast because we had lots of teamwork .
The group after us made chocolate chip cookies I tasted both they were yummy.It was super fun baking with Mrs Jarmen and it was really cool.

My group also had free time so I went on rollerblades for almost the whole time.Then we played just dance the songs were One Direction makes you beautiful and the Gangnam Style.My boy team leader colin was speeding around the breeze.

Kayaking was awesome my friend kept on capsizing.Capsizing means falling off the kayak and the kayak goes upside down.

The fun part was sleeping with two of my friends in a tent.We stayed up almost all night. The most best thing about being at camp was  the activities.

On Friday morning I did just dance with all the other Campers. The songs we did was the gangnam style and classic!!!

On Thursday morning we only did jump jam but I had an amazing time.
Jump jam was funny like just dance on the Gangnam style.Classic was cool.

On Friday after we did just dance we all packed and  everyone went to Mangere pools in three buses It was super cool.
Lots of the kids went into the bombing pool.I went into the deep pool and on the water slide.

My year five and six camp was really now I cant wait to go camping next year.Camp was an amazing experience. I even liked staying at school for two whole nights!!!!!


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  2. Hi Cameo Adriel here,

    What a fantastic story and amazing valcabulary and pitcher's.Can I be in your camp group because it look's so much fun!!

    from Adriel

    1. thank you adriel but what do you mean?