Saturday, 15 April 2017

Urupa clean up

Today I went to the Urupa (grave yard) where my great aunty is buried.  We cleaned up everyone's graves whether is was picking up rocks to chairs that had been blown down from the cyclone earlier this week.  When we finished the whole Urupa was spick n span.  We travelled from the Urupa to the township to get food.  We went to New world for a few groceries and whilst we were inside my uncle ordered pizza for the whole family's lunch.  Stay tuned to my blog for more post about my holidays.  I will be posted every day between 1-2.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Cyclone Cook Updates

Yesterday we had cyclone warnings, schools finished early and stayed safe.  This morning at 4:40am I travelled to Hawkes bay to see fallen trees and bent power poles along with flooding and damage, I even saw flipped vans and crashed cars so hopefully the people included got out safely. The ex-Cyclone Cook moved south with extremely heavy rain and high winds in Bay of plenty, Gisborne and Hawkes bay and caused exactly what I saw.  I hope that the weather this holidays are better and I will continue to blog over the holidays down here in the heart of Hawkes bay: Hastings.

Monday, 10 April 2017

My Math's Work

Walt: solve word problems using decimals, percents and fractions.

In this task I was finding the answer to word problems using fractions, decimals and percents.  This didn't take me long to complete as I found it quite easy.  I convert the word problems into fractions, percents and decimals.

Mv Rena

Walt: summarise information in a text.

In this task I got information from different texts and a video.  It was a bit challenging for me.  I hope to do something similar to this again in the following terms.

Learning Evidence

Walt: identify the similarities and differences across different texts

In this task I learnt to find the differences to different text and how they all link together.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Explanations of how water doesn't wear away the wood.

walt: Show moanas explanation/theory in a drawing.

Idea's for a fun weekend

Walt: use the title, introduction, information and conclusion structure.

What would be your idea of a fun weekend? In Auckland, New Zealand  there are tons of things to do.  Lakes, rivers, waterfalls and beaches to parks and you could even have sleepovers!

One Idea is that the first thing to do would be to have a big breakfast.  Pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, baked beans anything!  Then I would have a shower and get ready to go out.   Ideally when you would think of things to do in Auckland would be Rainbows End right?   Well if I went I would try to go on every single ride(including the ones i’m afraid of).   Furthermore my top 3 favourite rides are: The log flume, The gold rush and The Roller Coaster.   I would also take a good lunch for throughout the whole day.

Another idea would be to have a sleepover.  You can build fort’s, watch movies, play games and even just eat.  Usually when you host a sleepover you provide a place to sleep, dinner and snacks.   At night one of my favourite games to play are spotlight and it’s always good to wear black clothes so it’s harder to be spotted.

Moreover, my last idea would be to spend some quality time with your family.
Play some sports in the backyard like rippa rugby, touch or even basketball if you have a hoop.   You could also do a TV program series marathon which is when you watch all episodes of as many series as there are.  

So I hope you appreciated these idea’s for a fun weekend. My Favourite one in particular would be to go to Rainbow’s end.  I love all the rides. What would you do for a fun weekend?

I created a game using coding!

Hi there!
This is a game I created using coding. It took me and my group 7-8 weeks to complete all three levels.
At first we didn't know how to use scratch so this was an amazing thing to have made and learnt to do.
so click this Link to play! I hope you like it!

This is our group reflection

Converting fractions, decimals and percentages

Walt: convert fractions, decimals and percentages.

My Movie Review - Hidden Figures ~ 2017

Hi Bloggers!
On Wednesday the 8th of March Pt England school's year 7&8 Extension group had to opportunity to go and watch the movie 'Hidden Figures'.  It is based on a true story about three African - American women who worked at NASA, they were part of a group who were behind some of the greatest achievements.  This movie was incredible and it helped me to realise racism and how much of an impact it would be to be racist and how uncool it is.  By the way we also got to take as much lollies, chips and junk food and fizzy drinks. This was an amazing experience to have gone and watched this movie for free! He is a short film with a few photo's and clips of us.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My favourite past time

Walt: explain what our favourite past time

What is your favourite pastime?  when you have finished your chores and homework but have nothing left to do, all this spare time and you think “hmm what can  do now?”   Well I have a favourite past time
that I love doing.

Mine is watching Netflix and eating food.  My favourite type of movies are comedies because I always enjoy a little laugh.  One of my favourite movies on Netflix is ‘She's the Man’   It’s hilarious and enthusiastic. It also is a good story with good recommendations.

Usually I watch a movie and eat some food then by the end I will have fallen asleep.  I sleep for a few hours, wake up and then do the same thing over again.  I will do this on weekends and sometimes weekdays.

This is my favourite past time. I go onto Netflix almost every single day now and have watched nearly every movie listed in comedy and family.