Thursday, 16 June 2016

Te waka

Walt: analyse ideas and information to reflect critically on the meaning.
In this task I read a book called 'Te Waka'. I loved this book it was awesome. My favourite part was when the chanted their iwi just to be motivated

Language Features

Walt: Recognize and understand the connections between oral,visual and written languages.

In this task I wrote alliteration, ryhming words, Similies, metaphors and Onomatopoeia. My favourite was the Onomatopoeia.


Walt: Recognize and understand the connections between oral, written and visual language.

 In this task I wrote alliteration, similes, Metaphors, Onomatopoeia and Rhyming words. It was really easy. In the end I found which language features were in the last three poems and my favourite was 'How to not have to dry the dishes'.

Friday, 10 June 2016

40 Hour Famine

This year I participated in the 2016 40 hour famine I am currently doing this a I write to you. My favourite part so far was the team items I was the only person in my team who only had one person, sadly I was that person so I performed with the teachers. My song was My Boo by: Ghost town djs and we did the running man challenge it was awesome.

My group 'Red' came 2nd it was sad but congratulations to the Green team. We have done Karaoke, Dance,play basketball and chill out in the library, soon we will be sleeping in boxes for a few minutes. Next year will be even better.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Matuari Bay

Walt: recognise and understand the connections between oral, written and visual language.
Image result for matauri bay    Image result for matauri bay mountain   Crystal clear day.

Staring out to the crystal blue ocean not being able to wait I dove into the water splashing around and around. “Matauri Bay what an awesome place!!” I whispered. It was time for us to climb the mountain. We were nearly there but I couldn't go any further my legs were sore, my pits felt sweaty and the air was hot I yelled “Can we have a quick break please!” Fully 100% again we finally made it to the top “yay!!!”. The next day came around “Get up Cameo were going jet skiing today” my mum yelled. Hopping out of bed I Began to run around grabbing everything I need then I realised there was no one in the house?

Staring at the beach I saw my family “I must have slept in” I thought. I got into the car with mum then we happily drove down the road to the beach. Later on we went diving and caught heaps like Kina, Paua, Mussels, Oyster and loads more. I couldn't wait for it I ended up eating some on the way back to the house. Dinner soon came and it was delicious we had Battered snapper with potato salad and eggs. The next day was a pain we had to leave I couldn’t bare saying goodbye but I had to “goodbye Matauri bay!!” Next time it will be even better, we’ll go to the waterfall and get ice cream it will be a nice ride.👋👋👋👋👋👋

In this writing task I wrote a narrative about the beautiful beach Matauri bay. My task was to Show not tell.
I didn't complete this the way I wanted but I got close.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Thank You!

This blog is for a very special person Ms Stuhlmann.
Thank you for the best five weeks so for of the term I hope you have a good time when you leave us
We love you!