Friday, 8 July 2016

Bonus activity Winter Learning Journey

This is about the first ancient Olympics and why women were forbidden to compete and and even watch.

I think this was a cruel thing to do because women had every right to compete in the Olympics.
From my perspective men had a reason but I dont think that reason was at all good enough.
Thankfully women now are allowed to compete but it wasn't fair back then and thats disappointing ,
but after all that we are all happy about the Olympics now and thats all that matters.

Activity #2 Winter Learning Journey

Have you ever heard of Milo of Kroton?

Fact 1: Milo of Kroton was a 6th century bc wrestler

Fact 2: One story told of a wrestler saving a philosophers life when a roof collapsed

Fact 3: The real date of Milo's death was never known but he reportedly was attempting to tear apart a tree when his hand got stuck in the crevice of the trunk and later on a pack of wolves surprised and devoured him.

These are three interesting fact I learnt about Milo of Kroton and these three I felt were my favourite.

Activity #1 Winter Learning Journey

Walt: about the Ancient Olympics.

2792 years ago were the first ancient Olympics. Being invited in the running section three parts are made 'The Stade' the 'diaulos' and the 'dolichos'. The stade is a sprinting race and the athletes run from one side of the stadium to the other side. The diaulos is a middle distance race when the runners run two lengths of the stadium. Lastly the dolichos in an endurance race when they run approximately 20 lengths of the stadium.
Another section was wrestling it was similar to traditional wrestling nowadays. But it ended when one of the fighters admitted to defeat or they would quit. Similar to the last section is boxing. This is quite similar to the boxing we have today but, instead of boxing gloves they had long strips of leather wrapped around their hands. Pankration is a mix of martial arts combined with both wrestling and boxing. Equestrian races are an event involved with horses racing around a track. There were two kinds of races with 'Chariot' races and just normal horse races. The chariot race involved horses and carriages called chariots. The athletes would sit in the chariot while either two or four horses pulled it along the tracks. The pentathlon is an event when the athletes competed in five different activities such as: running, long jump, discus, javelin, and wrestling. Javelin
is an activity when an athlete throws a long sword like spear. Discus is definitely similar to javelin but instead of throwing a spear they throw a thin disc.

The sport I would choose is the pentathlon because my favourite is the long jump and that would be fun for me personally.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Algebra 2.0

Walt: solve algerbra equations through multiplication division and addition strategies.

In this task I leanrt to do algebra with addition multiplication and division. At first it was a struggle but eventually it was really easy. My favourite slide was the last one when I found out what Y equalled.

Fractions and decimals

Walt: use fractions and decimals in every day life.

In this task I learnt to add fraction and decimals. I think that it was easy to add the fractions because they had the same denominator. I prefer to add decimals because it was easier.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Matuari bay

Walt: plan a narrative using my creative mind

This is my creative writing. I wrote this story about a made up girl.
I enjoyed writing by myself because it was fun to be creative.