Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The super sentence starters

 WALT: write super sentence starters.

The thin seaweed,
The tiny fish,
the baby tadpoles,
the mossy coral,
the smooth sand.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Chicken flavoured worms!?

WALT: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Has your teacher ever fed you warm , squirmy and fat worms?

This morning I thought my teacher was a bit hypo from drinking too much coffee because he was chatting about  chicken flavoured worms. This is what happened.

This morning was normal and then we had the craziest ride ever! My paragraph is about yesterday when Mr Goodwin started asking us if we had a teacher that has fed us chicken flavoured worm and well the whole class thought "he is so crazy"

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My problem solving

WALT: solve problems

My presentation is about problem solving but I used different strategies

The power of rubbish

                                                WALT: look beyond the text


A landfill is a place where people dump their unwanted things.
Methane gas can be extracted into fuel.
A landfill in Auckland is in east tamaki 33 neales road

This post is about a gas called methane and it can be both bad or good for some things methane is rubbish. hope you enjoy

Friday, 13 February 2015

The duffy theatre

WALT: write a recount about the Duffy theatre.

On Monday classes 6 , 7 and 8 lined up ready to go to the hall for a Duffy show.
The Duffy show is when three actors perform a play about someone who helps someone else to read.
Our characters were Seanna , Duffy and the librarian , the librarian actually played
many different characters.

We had already sat down and while everyone else was still sitting down we all played simon says.
After everyone had finished coming in and had sat down Duffy followed them in and the cast introduced themselves.  The play started and we all laughed throughout the whole play. I personally thought that the actual play itself was cool .

This play was about a little girl named seanna. She wasn't a fan of reading and  she even thought that her public was a book shop. A boy named Duffy loved reading and they became friends after meeting each other outside the library. towards the end of the play it was a year later and seanna loved to read in fact she read every day.

Conclusion - I really liked the show and hope that the Duffy theatre comes back. My class really got inspired.

this post is about the Duffy theatre. the Duffy show was cool and it is also very funny

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What's in the bag

What's in the bag was when my partner Daniella and I put six cubes into an envelope and got another group to guess how many of each  colours in the envelope.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

About whitebait fritters

WALT: follow the instructions and complete tasks to a high standard.

 I learnt how to make whitebait fritters and I also learnt how hard it is to catch whitebait. This task asked me to follow instructions and make a presentation with no theme and only a white background.