Wednesday, 21 May 2014

                             This is my first ever post at Pt England school hope you like it!!

All about my mihi.

this shows some of my hobbies and I call it all about my visual mihi.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Titanic has many meanings like

Titanic Acrostic Poem

T if for the Torpedo was for how fast the front of the boat snapped in half then went down like a torpedo.
before the ship makes it's
I is for the innocent  people that lost members in their family that night.
rescue award titanic.jpg

T is for the titanic was an amazing looking ship but it wasn't lifesaving .

File:Titanic the sinking.jpg
A if for the amount of living people that survived.
Number of the lives were lost.
Captain E.J. Smith I is for the iceberg that the titanic ship crashed into that night.
afterpart of the ship, C is for the Crew members that were at the number of 900.
File:Rescued Titanic Crew,

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Menu's

This is my New Zealand menu .

and this is my Malawi menu
I did this to show what New Zealand and Malawi have in the differences and what they are.Did you know that  New Zealand has more kind's of food  than malawians.I am grateful for the food we have. It is actually better than nothing.

Maze is like the malawians base of food but to new zealanders we have many different bases of foods even the pudding bases
This term learning about Malawi and even new Zealand more I have learnt that we are lucky to even have this much food or even five or six different kinds of food well tis show my learning about Malawi so I am very happy that the extension group did the 20 hour famine for the people in Malawi but I am happy that they have different kind's of food I never either knew was real or food's I didn't know they had there and that is the end of my blogpost.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

My holiday highlight

“Hey mum what were you talking about on the phone?” I Said. “Do you want to visit your grandparents  tomorrow with nana and koro?” said mum . “Sure”.

On the way to hastings we stopped at an awesome lake it was freezing. My koro was cold too but we still swam there. On the way back it was even more colder. Anyway, we had finished our first

We kept on going till we got to napier we went for a run around the pandora it was really hard “Here you go moko it’s your mum” “Hey mum guess what I just did? I ran around the pandora that you do for Ironmaori”I said.”Wow! sounds really cool “ said mum.
It was so fun seeing my grandparents. Guess what  I’m going next week again. I really want to go up Te Mata peak and see the lining of that giants body again. (:

Port of Napier, Hawkes Bay,
this a boat from there I saw it from the bluff thats a high cliff