Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Riding a Jet ski

Yesterday my family went jet skiing. Our location was at eastern beach , for the first time since we had been going there it was quite rough and even the small waves were huge. We had taken 3 jet skis and only one girl got on but thats alright the water was a bit cold anyway. Later we headed home and My brother and I went for a swim in the pool.

Happy new years

Happy new years everyone. On the first of January I completed a 3km run in the rain it wasn't very hard for me but it also wasn't easy. Once my run was over I jumped into my grandparents pool and it was freezing but I stayed in there to cool my body down . Soon after was a hot bath with my brother. then a tradition in my family is that on new years day we drink sparkling grape juice and eat a piece of chocolate but because everyone was waiting for me to get out of the bath my koro brought me the drink and chocolate ( don't worry my clothes were on ) . I then left and headed home then we went to Valentines for dinner to celebrate both my mothers birthday and the start of a new year.