Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cameo brand new netbooks

Do you have a Chromebooks yet? Well I do. Last Friday some kids from my class along with me got our Chromebooks. It was in the hall and class nine was there to but we got it at ten o clock in the morning and Mrs Burt gave us a korero about the kawa of care and respecting them so they don’t break.

Meanwhile Mr and Mrs Burt both had a korero about the kawa of care:Don’t pick the keys off.Keep the charger away from a long distance. Insurance-$70 to fix netbook.Hold it with two hands and keep the screen closed.

Before long they finished their special korero.Half of my class got to  open their boxes .when we opened it, we felt like it was a sensational experience.It was a wonderful,beautiful cheerful day.

That day was sensational. I look forward to blogging on this awesome learning tool.
I am truly grateful for  this extraordinary tool.

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