Friday, 7 March 2014

This is the life cycle of a frog

Oh hi do you want to know the 4 stages of a frogs life cycle? Well you came to the right place.the first stage is spawn then stage two is the tadpole then the froglet becomes an adult frog.

The first stage of a frogs life are the eggs.All of the eggs are gathered in spawn.Spawn is a jelly that sticks the eggs to each other.

The second stage is the tadpole. some tadpoles get eaten by water insects.
they grow back legs.

the frog let stage is up.its body will have all four legs and its tail.Little frog-lets tail will go short and disappear.

An adult frog has got no tail any more.It will live on land
and take a dip when its skin dries out.The frog will now set off and find a boyfriend or girlfriend to lay eggs with.

This is called metamorphosis.

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