Monday, 19 May 2014

Titanic has many meanings like

Titanic Acrostic Poem

T if for the Torpedo was for how fast the front of the boat snapped in half then went down like a torpedo.
before the ship makes it's
I is for the innocent  people that lost members in their family that night.
rescue award titanic.jpg

T is for the titanic was an amazing looking ship but it wasn't lifesaving .

File:Titanic the sinking.jpg
A if for the amount of living people that survived.
Number of the lives were lost.
Captain E.J. Smith I is for the iceberg that the titanic ship crashed into that night.
afterpart of the ship, C is for the Crew members that were at the number of 900.
File:Rescued Titanic Crew,


  1. Hi Cameo, wow I love your flip book. I have never seen this before. The movie Titanic has been one of my favourite movies for a long time. Great work and wonderful research.