Friday, 12 September 2014

Use my brain,Use my heart I'm gonna be cyber smart

Use my brain use my heart I'm going to be cyber smart . Have you ever heard those words put together that is my school phrase .Korero are very common at my school actually we have a different one every term.

Use my brain online
The reason that you need to keep safe online is to know what you are doing because your teacher may also be watching you. For example you never know how people are watching you. Watch out for viruses online can get very inappropriate for younger children .

Use my heart
Using my heart means controlling my emotions and using my brain.For example my friend sends me a mean or doggy email instead of  me writing back my heart will control my brain and stop  me from not using my emotions the wrong way.

Cyber smart
Being cyber smart means to be computer appropriate online at all times.For example a friend is on a doggy site and wants  you to go on it will you go on it or be mature and stay on the right site??

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