Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Immersion assembly

WALT: use different types of sentences to improve writing.

Have you ever seen your teacher in a video game? Mr Somerville was not only in the video game he also went onto a hovercraft on the hall stage. check this out.

First things first My class and I sat down in the assembly hall. I saw that instead of giving out stickers our principal Mr Burt was giving s’mores and mini pikelets. Plus a helicopter drone was in the air being controlled by a mobile phone. Isa was controlling the drone.
Now it was time for team 1 and their topic was about eating healthy food and having a healthy body. Mrs George and the rest of team 1 teachers  had pre made sandwiches also with sliced celery and carrots.

After teams 2&3 team 4 was next and for team 4 we had a  movie about a rainy day and a kid went onto his computer and played a video game then my teacher appeared in it. After that was team 5 and at the Mr Barks showed us his home-made hovercraft and it had a minion on it .

I can’t wait to see what we get  up to this term!  Now it’s time to tinker with tools and toys! has this ever happened to you before?

Our task was to write a recount about the immersion assembly on Monday. I also learnt how to use different types of sentences to make it more interesting.

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