Saturday, 11 July 2015

My trip

   Hello it's me Cameo and last night I got back from a trip to Palmerston north it was so cold there

It was a seven hour  drive from here in Auckland to Palmerston north and the first an most exciting thing we did that we went to the plaza there and I got a haircut here is a picture of my hair before and after

Next we went to Hastings it was two hour drive from palmerston
north  and we went to a restaurant called breakers and after
that we went to a bouncy castle place called bounce here are
a couple of photos from these two places

Then the next day we went to inflatable world in palmerston north
and I went onto every single bouncy castle take a look
And then the trip came to an end and when it did 
we weren't so happy because when actually 
wanted to leave and then snow blocked 
the road how convenient is that any ways that
is my story of the firs week of my school holidays 

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