Friday, 10 June 2016

40 Hour Famine

This year I participated in the 2016 40 hour famine I am currently doing this a I write to you. My favourite part so far was the team items I was the only person in my team who only had one person, sadly I was that person so I performed with the teachers. My song was My Boo by: Ghost town djs and we did the running man challenge it was awesome.

My group 'Red' came 2nd it was sad but congratulations to the Green team. We have done Karaoke, Dance,play basketball and chill out in the library, soon we will be sleeping in boxes for a few minutes. Next year will be even better.


  1. Sounds like you ended up in the best team Cameo!! I know that Miss Haare and Miss Eric would have been super performers alongside you :) Enjoy your time together, it looks like so much fun! Well done on going without for children who need your help.

    1. Thanks Mrs Tele'a,
      It was an amazing experience raising for children in need.
      Our dance was awesome I definitely had the best group.