Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Usain bolt and Irked Snodgrass

Walt: Identify Simple, Compound and Complex sentences

Usain Bolt. Usain was born in 1986 which makes him 29 years of age, he is  regarded the fastest man timed. Usain is jamaican , but he’s known in nearly every country. His whole name is Usain St. Leo Bolt. Usain enjoy cricket more than sprinting. In 2009 Bolt adopted a cheetah and named him Lightning bolt.

“As always Usain is in the finals surprisingly with one of our slowest men Irked Snodgrass.” The 100m sprinter wasn’t frightened, but neither was irked. Irked was amazed. Not aware of the problem Usain lined up alongside Irked, seeing irked had a little smirk on his face “hmmmm” Usain whispered to himself. At the sound of a pistol they both sprinted, irked fell into the sidelines and he jumped back up straight away. “In the lead is Irked snodgrass?” Irked won and Usain was crushed.

All three triplets ran into each other to hug “wait a minute what do we have here?” “Cheaters!” Usain exclaimed. Irked and his brothers were disqualified. Usain was rewarded with his gold medal. Proudly Usain collected it on the podium, all the Jamaican fans screamed as loud as they could.Usain was as proud as could be, meanwhile the snodgrass triplets were angrily being taken to jail.The crowd was cheering wildly, aggressively and proudly.Everything happened as planned nice and smoothly.

This is all just a narrative meaning its all completely made up.

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