Friday, 20 October 2017

Mr Jacobson and his Wind Instruments

Another cool event that happened this morning was Mr Jacobson and his Wind Instruments. He started by showing us the Conch shell, they used them in the islands to call from one side to another. Next he showed us a Shofar which is a cantaloupe horn. This was used in deserts as they were far from the ocean so they had no chance to find conch shells. Bringing us to a more modern side he blew the Bugle, this was more used in the army and people use them to play a song on Anzac day in remembrance of our soldiers. As bugles can only play 5 notes a trumpet was made to be able to play the three extra notes needed. I think its amazing how one of our teachers can play so much wind instruments ( its really hard). Image result for trumpetImage result for shofarImage result for conchImage result for bugle

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