Monday, 9 March 2015

The tower challenge

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Has your teacher made you challenge your own class? My teacher Mr Goodwin got his own literacy class to do the tower challenge , that is when you make a tower out of something, in this case news paper. This is what happened.

It was a perfectly normal morning here in room 6’s literacy. Everyone made groups of five and Mr Goodwin gave out, one pair of scissors, one strip of masking tape and 5 and a half sheets of newspaper to each group. We got everything organized.
Yvonne , Talita , Heather , Adriel and Alisha were all in a group with me. My group and I tried to make it our tower stand without any support. We  folded a couple of sheets that were left over  , and used the masking tape to stick  the tower to the folded sheets of newspaper and while we worked not one of us were left out .

After eight minutes had passed Mr Goodwin judged our towers. The results were in and only two towers Made it to the judging  and the towers belong to Team rosalina and team talita. The centre metres were in and team talita won by 0.5 millilitres.

Room 6 really hope to have the tower challenge again and maybe there will be a different winner next time we never know!

Mr Goodwin got room six to make paper towers

 marked by Danielle

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