Monday, 18 May 2015

Christchurch Earthquake

WALT: find proof of the author message

I am interviewing a boy named Terry . Terry’s interest is playing video games.

has  your life been affected by the Christchurch earthquake?
My life has been affected because my aunty lives down there and she got a little bit injured with a broken leg and my cousin got trapped for two days in rubble surviving with only one chocolate bar and while having a broken shoulder.
What would an earthquake  mean to you if one hit your city?
I would not be able to play crang castle on my computer And people in my family could get injured.Some might not even survive.
How would you react in an earthquake?

I would drop to the floor cover under a table or desk and hold on to the legs of the table or desk.

My task was to interview The main character in the stories we read . In this case my story is Level Ten.

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