Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Weather report

WALT: write a news style report.

Students demand  licenses to chill .

Winter is the most cold season . Students at Pt England school have been frozen for the last week they say “ We need a day off “ Here are tips on how to get to school on a really rainy day.

Winter is almost here and  in Auckland we have quite heavy rain, and some hailing has been happening too. This is not the best weather here in Auckland.

A Pt England Student that is a witness in this weather
that is also under name of Rosalina thinks that “ school should not be closed because  how are you supposed to learn at home”.

It is important to come to school because you would have to learn , and you could bring a change of clothes

or wear an extra raincoat for the rain. Venetia quotes that “ we need to learn ! “ and that we need to come to school and this will help us learn and learning will help us get a good degree the only reason you go don’t to school is if you are sick or if you go on a holiday.

Today our task was to write a report about the rainy weather coming to Auckland in new Zealand.

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