Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Super speed!!!

Walt: write effective paragraphs

Superpowers what do you want as yours if I had a superpower it would be to have speed. For example if you have a basketball game you could zoom across the court and get the ball,then speed away again to dodge anyone on the other team and take your shot.

My superpower is extreme speed . Extreme speed feels weird because the wind gets in your face , it feels like you are getting hay fever because there is a truck load of dust everywhere. You cannot see extreme speed because it is like a flash when happening. You  could've  heard of the flash if you don’t know him then it is alright but the flash is so legit because he can speed around a town in like 10 seconds how cool is that.

Marked by Christian

With extreme speed I could chase a bank hijacker down and bring rope with me then tie him up so fast he didn't realise I was there. I could protect G.I by finding a local getting beaten up and I would punch the bully in the stomach to make him go down and I would take the kid then speed away. Overall I would keep a lookout for any danger and try to save they day.

I think having extreme speed would be awesome because in my school run I could just run it in 5 seconds. If I did have these spectacular super powers then for me it would be the perfect life.

Today we focused as a whole class and wrote all of our paragraph and this piece of writing was about super powers . The most common super power was speed because it reminded them of the flash.
My class wrote one of these stories each .

Throughout this whole time I have learnt to write juicy paragraphs in a small amount of time. This task asked me to do this in a way that I never thought was possible. This task was an amazing thing .

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