Friday, 26 June 2015

Who is Super Mario

WALT: write effective paragraphs

He’s old school and starts with the letter S his name is Super Mario !!
Mario has been a character in side scrolling games for years.
Check this out!

The aim of the game is to pass the levels by dodging the evil mushrooms this is only one of the keys. Another key to passing the levels are collecting stars to earn more points every time. In this game you need to jump under the boxes that have question marks on it and something comes out. Once you have zoomed through  the levels like a pro you are able to unlock all levels available .

Mario is a small animated man that  customizes with  a red hat painted on is a white M on it and just in case you didn't know he  is Italian you might be able to tell by his name. Mario wears  a dark blue denim overalls and a long sleeved red shirt under it and he also wears brown shoes to cover his feet . He Jumps and dodges but  if he eats a mushroom he grows.

To play this game you need to use  your keyboard on your electronic device . To move you have got to use the shimmery white arrows on the right hand side at the bottom of your  keyboard . Hopping up is kind of crucial  , so when you hop\ you kind of need to be close to the platform you are jumping on. Some advice from me is to dodge the enemies or jump on top because if you jump on the side it will kill you  then you will need to restart the level .

To me this game is amazingly  addicting. I highly recommend that you explore this game if you like adventure games . I like this game because there are so many elements and I get excited on every level and  I think this game is a 8.5 \ 10 because even though it is fun you get annoyed when you die.
Task description: This week I learnt how to write awesome paragraphs in 12 - 13.
I wrote 5 paragraphs in silence not in a row but two days apart because when we wrote it the first time we wrote 2 paragraphs in 25 minutes but the next day we wrote three in 36 minutes how cool is that

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  1. I love Super Mario too. Especially the princess at the end! Great description. I would like to see your game when it is finished.

    Mrs Burt