Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I luminate

Walt: write a recount with correct punctuation and grammar

Have you ever watched a hip hop group, In the dark? I luminate performed for my school and it was on fleek. I luminate wears costumes that are all black and they have LED lights all through them. When i luminate started dancing to the music everyone watching were just shocked and we all screamed happily.
It was an ordinary day then all of a sudden we had something “special” in the hall waiting for us after lunch. Turns out these three people are extraordinary and awesome at what they do. I luminate is an amazing dance group, my school was so amazed that throughout the whole thing everyone was just screaming.

I luminate came from america so they had a long journey. I was so excited, I even got one of their autographs. If I get the opportunity I would totally go to america just to see them.

In this task I wrote about an awesome performance that happened. I saw so many fun and cool things during
this event.

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