Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly Term 2

It’s the first day back to school for term 2 . This morning we had an Immersion Assembly and this terms topic is “as i see it”. Team 1 are focused on Their favourite things and they are going to draw their favourite thing.

Team 2 are focusing on Seasons. Spring , Autumn , Summer and Winter,
Each class has been assigned different seasons. Team 3 are focusing upon Building and Architect based on a tv show called Grand Designs.

Team 4 are creating their own Comics using, Pastels , drawing and they are even creating digital comics on their chromebooks. Lastly Team 5 are focused on Waka, Te aurere , Hokule’a , Hikianalia and Hinemoana.

I really liked the team 4 performance because they remade superheroes.
They had Wondering woman , Bat guy and Team leader America plus the ametaur heroes and their villians name was Bear baxendine. They story was about bear baxendine trying to steal Bobby Jons Chromebook.

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  1. Hi Cameo,
    I Really like the way you use good grammar.
    Also what your favourite Item Was Team 4.
    I also liked Team 4 Keep up the good work
    and I cant wait till you post something else.