Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holidays Recount

A highlight from my holidays was last 
Sunday when I went to Kelly Tarltens with my family in the car. I know that we all had a smashing time. My favourite part was the shark tunnel. In the shark tunnel I was on the escalator and two big sharks swam right over my head and that was awesome. I think little brothers favourite part  was at the fish tank there were clown fish so my brother started saying, Nemo and soon we saw a fish the same breed as Dory so of course he was saying Dory and Nemo the whole time we were there. Kelly Tarltens is located in Okahu Bay. The reason we went to Kelly Tarltens was just to have a fun second to last day of the holidays.  Another highlight was my Mother's graduation for her Bachelor of Arts in English and Maori studies. 

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