Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Only five days left!

Today is Wednesday the 5th of October. Term 4 of 2016 at Pt England School is coming up now as its only five days away. For whats left of the school holidays I will be making the most of every hour, minute and second. Already this journey has been awesome and I cant wait for an even longer break in December in fact it will still be term 4 when my birthday comes around on December the 11th. This year is gong by so fast and its been such a great time with the year eights and being fully honest I dont really want them to leave, but it has to happen sooner or later. More thing I have been up-to lately were:

- Black Ops 3 on the PS4
Image result for black ops 3 ps4
- Mountain Monster series ( its so interesting )
Image result for mountain monster series
-  Timeout Arcade
Image result for arcade
-My mums Maori Graduation
Image result for graduation
- More Netflix ( I love it so much )
 Image result for netflix logo
- My uncles birthday party
Image result for birthday party
These holidays have been already and are going to be extremely fun. Ka Kite Ano!

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