Wednesday, 7 December 2016

If I were the Prime Minister I...

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On Monday John Key resigned as Prime Minister of New Zealand because to him he thought it was time for him to step down. John key spent 10 years in the parliament and has been Prime Minister for 8. He also went to lead the National Party to election wins in 2011 and 2014. The responsibilities of being a Prime Minister are: Being intelligent, Knowing how to lead a country, Being a good role model, To be involved in charities and to know what it’s like in their shoes. We thank him for his efforts but he could have done alot better during the 8 years when he had a whole heap of choices.

if I was the Prime Minister I would:
  • I would Support Charities for children that are in bad places and that are sick.
  • I would help the homeless shelters and give them places to live and food to eat
  • I would give the hard workers pay rises because they could only pay bills and for grocery so it would really help them to have better lifestyles and if no-one could afford to give them that I would use my own money.
  • I would help schools that struggle and help them to get sports gear to play with during breaks and help the children that don't have lunches with sandwiches.
I think that if all these things were done New Zealand would already have huge differences that could keep improving.

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