Friday, 14 April 2017

Cyclone Cook Updates

Yesterday we had cyclone warnings, schools finished early and stayed safe.  This morning at 4:40am I travelled to Hawkes bay to see fallen trees and bent power poles along with flooding and damage, I even saw flipped vans and crashed cars so hopefully the people included got out safely. The ex-Cyclone Cook moved south with extremely heavy rain and high winds in Bay of plenty, Gisborne and Hawkes bay and caused exactly what I saw.  I hope that the weather this holidays are better and I will continue to blog over the holidays down here in the heart of Hawkes bay: Hastings.


  1. Hi Cameo

    What horrible weather i hope that it doesn't get to us. Have you seen the cyclone. so far the weather in Auckland has been just rain with blue skies. Hope you are safe.


    1. Thank you Bethan,

      No I didn't see the cyclone as it had already moved on. Thank you Bethan, have a good holidays and I will see you next term