Friday, 16 February 2018

Reflection of Maths so far..

L: What did I learn?

So far in maths I've explored more around the 'Order of Operations' and 'Bedmas' I also managed to be able to understand how to do Bedmas in more complicated equations.

A: What did people do to help me learn?

I think that getting some help from my friends next to me helped because I'd get stuck on my bedmas and how I supposed to order the equation. It also helped with them practising our basic facts so we could have an easier understanding of our work.

N: What do I want to learn next?

I'd like to learn more about algebra. I think I'm fairly okay with my algebra but I'd like to eplore that subject a bit more.

D: What would I like to do differently?

I would like to change the work given to us through education perfect so it can be easier to finish on time. I think they are too complicated for a timed question.

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  1. We will be doing algebra next term Cameo! Glad you're looking forward to it. Keep challenging yourself.