Friday, 23 February 2018


There are many theories on where the polynesians migrated from. I will be comparing the theories that polynesians came from both ‘Asia’ and ‘South America’. “

South America Theory
Thor Heyerdahl” is a theorist that studied the case stating that polynesians came from ‘South America’. During his studies he discovered huge statues of the ancient civilisations of South America, also found on ‘Easter Island’ (Island located in eastern polynesia). He also sailed on a raft named the ‘Kon Tiki’ for days to test his theory (That polynesians migrated from south america). He later washed up on “Rairoa” an Island in eastern polynesia.

Asia Theory

Some people believe that polynesians might have also migrated from ‘Asia’. Both languages are very similar and some people decided to look at some mitochondrial dna giving information about maternal ancestry. Also some common foods from Asia, eaten in polynesia are bananas, taro and yams.

My Opinion

I think that both theories were very strong. I can’t choose which one I support more because the evidence on both sides is very good. I believe polynesians could have migrated from both countries and somehow met each other during their journeys.

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