Friday, 16 November 2018

Science Reflection

WALT: share my learning in our yr 10 sci class

It's only been a week and a half and we have already learned about a lot in science so far. Alvina (An ex-tamaki student) came and talked to our class for a while. She told us all about her research and she also showed us a video of all the things she did to gather her information.

We also learnt about our personal environments. Things like who influences us on what we eat for breakfast and the cost and where we got it from. We learnt about Matauranga science where we chose our own little pieces of information.

Yesterday in double period we learnt about the different food groups. We also made presentation about a specific food group and in partners/groups we presented our finding to the whole class. One subject from science I found links into my life the most, was our food environment. There were many different types of food groups, such as: fibre, protein, sugar, minerals, fats etc. I never realised the impact it had in my life.

 I found that PE, health and science all cross over with each other. They all have their own parts in our breakfast and also our well being. I think it's also helped us with our integrated unit and being able to understand it more. The subjects we learn about our breakfast and well being are maths, science, health, Physical ed, food tech, social studies and English.

We are also going to be writing a raps in our class. It will be about all the things we have learnt so far. We saw the rap Mrs wells made with her other class and we are very excited.

 The work I was most proud of was the presentation Bianca and I researched. We researched sugar, we found out about the different types of sugar and what it does to our bodies. We learned the difference between healthy and unhealthy sugars. Also how many servings we should have a day. Our presentation only took us 20 minutes to complete with making it look cool and also adding all of our information. We scored 25 out of 25 for all of the aspects We found that most of these activities didn't take very long to complete. And we walk away with loads of information.

Also in our other classes out teachers make us breakfast. In pe yesterday morning Mr moys made us sandwhiches and got apples and explained to us how much everything would cost and how much food could be made. We tested to see if it gave us more energy while we played.