Monday, 10 August 2015

My Job application

Walt: Write a job application.

10/ 8 / 15
To whom it might concern,

Bank Teller:
I would like to be a teller. I am good at maths and I am also trustful.

I want this job because I am good at maths and counting. I am trustworthy and responsible with money. I am always on time  . I can manage my money well and keep it and to save it also.

Thank you for reading my beautiful work,
yours sincerely Cameo.

Letter of reference:
Hello ,

My name is Waikaraka and Cameo is a very responsible girl who deserves to be a bank teller. She has got a talent of maths , reading and writing. Cameo has got alot of experience with money as she can take money out of an ATM plus she helps her little brother with his money and to put it bank into his little minion piggy bank trust her with my Wallet.

My C.V -

In this task we learnt to write a letter from a different mind of view. Plus we had to write our capabilities of the job we applied for.

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