Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Review on chocolate

Walt: use language that will paint a clear picture in the mind of our readers

Chocolate Hell!
Whittaker's L&P chocolate is a crime, Whittaker's should be arrested under chocolate law.

White chocolate infused with l&p and mixed with pop rocks is part of the new Whittaker's chocolate range. It comes in a king size block, and costs $4.30 for a block.

At first The texture was extraordinary and so was the taste but the after-taste left in my mouth was of raw potatoes #disgusting. The scent was of sour lemon juice. I spotted brown dots that reminded me of my old gumboots with brown polka dots. The chocolate was smoothed out and at the bottom there were small bubbles and once I saw what they were I saw pop rocks.

For this product I would actually swap the white chocolate with milk chocolate. Then I would put small l&p flavoured gummies. This way you will have the flavour then a gooey mouth feeling.

I wouldn't recommend this chocolate because it has awful after tastes. If you like white chocolate then you would not like this if your taste buds are different the you might even love.

In this task we learnt to paint pictures in not only our head put our audiences heads. We blindly tasted different types of chocolate. 

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