Monday, 24 August 2015

The Trade Fair

Walt: use language that paint a picture in the mind of our readers.

Trade trade trade,in week 4 we had a trade fair we sold products from our different umbrella businesses .
We all had  completely different groups, but we only had six. We also have our own currency, money , bank accounts and jobs.

A trade fair is like a normal fair but, we have our own currency for the trade fair. We sold products that were hand made. In the Trade fair, we had to take money from other people who would buy our product. We had to explain what it was, say what they had to give to buy it and gain interest from our customers.

There are six business umbrellas. Our businesses are Home ware , Toys , Kitchen , Jewels and accessories ,  Custom stationary and Musical instruments. In each group we make and create products by hand or from scratch. My group is kitchen and we cooked home made pizza bases then our thing was chop, grate , slice and spread it only cost $10.00 to make and we sold them for $2.00 and made $40.00 we had to repay our loan amount which was $10.00 and the leftover money we had to equally split the amount. Unlike other groups we sold at the trade fair instead of taking orders because our product was already made.

At the trade fair for the first 15 minutes of it I sold the pizza’s we had prepared earlier. It felt good selling the product we made. Whenever a customer took a bite they said “ far out this pizza is so good “ and I felt good knowing our customers were satisfied.

I can’t wait for the market to come because in kitchen we are making a different product. Our next food item is frozen yoghurt Yum Yum Yum….

In this task we tried to write a recount about our trade fair.
We had to explain it so well that it paints a picture in the readers mind.

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