Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My Role Model

Walt: to explain who our role model is and why

All of us have a role model, that one person that is always in your heart that you know you will remember forever.  My role model is my Koro.  Here are reasons he is my role model.

My koro is the head maori translator for child youth and family (siffs.)
He started off at Manukau institute of technology then moved to Wellington for Child, youth and family.  He has achieved very many things to this day and he travels to australia and all over new zealand for this job.

As a maori translater my koro speak fluent maori.  He talks to me in maori so I will understand him even more each time he speaks in my language.  One day I plan to be just like my Koro.

Last year my koro had a heart attack. Not long after he got out of hospital he started running and walking, Both my nana and koro are getting ready to walk the great wall of china.  Their trainings for this event are hardcore, they will do at least 30km a week.

Here are the reasons my Koro is my role model. Who is your role model?

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  1. I like this post because it really helps me understand responsibilities that I have here at school and how I should treat them. I like your little stories in this because it is very entertaining to read. Overall thats for letting me enjoy your topic today.