Friday, 31 March 2017

Why We Need To Drink Water

walt: understand why people need to drink water everyday.

Why is water important? Water helps us with our everyday lifestyles. Without water the human race wouldn’t exist but why? The reason for this is because up to 65% of our bodies are made of water, without water we can only live for no longer than a week.

 Water helps everyone to keep hydrated because if you aren’t hydrated your body won’t perform at it’s highest abilities. Hydration is one of the things that the human body needs most. Every cell, tissue and organ needs water in order to work properly.

 H20 oxygenates your blood and flushes toxins. Drinking plenty of water ensures that your blood, will carry plenty of oxygen to all of your body cells. If you didn't drink much water then the blood will not have any oxygen in it, meaning without oxygen those tiny cell will die and your body will stop working.

 Water keeps us alive without it we will die. The longest you can go without water is three days max. Food is different because you can last at least three week’s. The reason we can’t go without water for very long is because most of our body is made out of water.

 I found that water is magic, it does so many different things to help everything living. Water hydrates us, keeps us healthy in many ways etc.

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