Friday, 7 March 2014

this is my hauheke Harakeke

Hauhake Harakeke
WALT: Use clues in text, along with prior knowledge to help comprehension.
1. What does hauhake Harakeke mean? harvesting flax.

2. How did the harakeke move to make the children feel welcome? Its windy and the flax looks like their waving.

3. When was the harakeke planted? in 1987.

4. How does the harakeke standing tall make the children feel? proud

5. Why is any left over harakeke returned to the bushes? to help them grow.

6. Name 4 items you can make from harakeke (pages 9 and 10). kare,tipare,kete and putiputi.
This is a picture of tipare.

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