Thursday, 10 April 2014

What fiafia means to me

Talofa Lava do you know what fiafia means to Pt England School?
Do you want me to tell you ? was that a yes then sure I will tell you then.
To pt England school fiafia means a celebration and a get together for Samoa and Tonga  it means happy! cool isn't it.  we celebrate by having a big get together and we represent different cultures like for example I'm in the Hawaiian group just to represent Hawaii. We also have Tongan Samoan hip hop um Niue and much more.

We have Fiafia every second year my tutor is well she’s my teacher her name is Miss Ouano and Ms Eadie she’s my other tutor.My dances are Maunaleo ahulili and puili puili is a stick dance the other two were about mountains.

fiafia has just passed I had an amazing time dancing watching my friends and having a wonderful time.

this is my group,

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  1. Well hi my friend
    Hi do you know I was in that group? I hope you had so much fun on fiafia. Bye for now