Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Menu's

This is my New Zealand menu .

and this is my Malawi menu
I did this to show what New Zealand and Malawi have in the differences and what they are.Did you know that  New Zealand has more kind's of food  than malawians.I am grateful for the food we have. It is actually better than nothing.

Maze is like the malawians base of food but to new zealanders we have many different bases of foods even the pudding bases
This term learning about Malawi and even new Zealand more I have learnt that we are lucky to even have this much food or even five or six different kinds of food well tis show my learning about Malawi so I am very happy that the extension group did the 20 hour famine for the people in Malawi but I am happy that they have different kind's of food I never either knew was real or food's I didn't know they had there and that is the end of my blogpost.


  1. Hi Cameo,
    I really enjoyed your menu's. Your menu made me very hungry. did you know we have more meat then them.

  2. Hi Cameo,
    I really liked your two menus. Do Malawi people actually eat mice?!... Wow, I really didn't know that! Thanks; for showing me. The NZ menu really made me hungry, can you make me some of the puddings? Haha, I'm just joking with you. Nice menus!

  3. Hi cameo
    Your menu is really cool,The steak sounds so yum can you make me one. I think you could of told us more of the Malawi menu but anyway good job.

  4. Hi Cameo,
    I really liked how you told me about the prices of Malawi food. New Zealand's Menu Made me want to eat it. Did you know that Malawi people actually eat pretty much anything! By reading your menu's I have learnt so many things about what we eat and what the Malawi people eat!

  5. Hi Cameo

    What an a amazing Menu but I would have liked it if I could understand the writing of the New Zealand menu.But otherwise it was amazing.

    from Adriel

  6. Hi Cameo,

    Great Job, I love your vocab maybe you could cook me some malawian vocab.Hahahahah. Keep up the great work.

    From Aaron

  7. Hi Cameo,
    What a nice menu you have out together. It is sad because they have no choice to eat mice. Yuck! These are really good menu's.

    Yours Sincerely