Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My favourite past time

Walt: explain what our favourite past time

What is your favourite pastime?  when you have finished your chores and homework but have nothing left to do, all this spare time and you think “hmm what can  do now?”   Well I have a favourite past time
that I love doing.

Mine is watching Netflix and eating food.  My favourite type of movies are comedies because I always enjoy a little laugh.  One of my favourite movies on Netflix is ‘She's the Man’   It’s hilarious and enthusiastic. It also is a good story with good recommendations.

Usually I watch a movie and eat some food then by the end I will have fallen asleep.  I sleep for a few hours, wake up and then do the same thing over again.  I will do this on weekends and sometimes weekdays.

This is my favourite past time. I go onto Netflix almost every single day now and have watched nearly every movie listed in comedy and family.

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