Monday, 11 December 2017

Make sure you know when to say no!

This Morning Mr Andrew Patterson came in with Ex-student Raenan. Mr Patterson brought Raenan in to share with us his experience of the past 4 year through Tamaki College. They also shared us a video of a year 12 boy from Manurewa High school, Dwight. Dwights background may shock you from what you would see today. Raenan shared with us that if you just keep your mind on your work and 'Go Hard' you will earn great success. Mr Patterson Interviewed Raenan at the start of his visit.

Raenan shared with us some of his own motivational references like 'Make the most of your opportunities' and 'Make sure you know when to say no' and lastly 'Go hard to have the best outcome'.  Mr Patterson also shared a video of Dwight sharing a speech only last week. Even though his father was a member of the Mongrel mob and Dwight was around violence from a young age, he still succeeded. A quote from Dwight was 'Change won't happen unless you change it yourself'.  I found that both Dwight and Raenan are inspirational young men. My goal is to be an inspirational student for the Pt England intermediate kids in 2021(when I'm in year twelve).

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