Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Trip to tokelau

LI: Imagine you are a student travelling back to your homeland Tokelau on the boat trip after you have completed your studies. Write a diary entry describing your trip back home and how you are feeling about your future.

I've just finished my studies and am on my way to tokelau. On the boat it's good, I've been really excited for the arrival to see my family. I hope to see everyone is well and safe. I last talked to them a few days before the departure and we've been out on the sea for a day now. I get a little bit sea-sick every now and then, it's a little hard when all you see is ocean. Other than that I look forward to seeing my family and being back home.

Last night's sleep was ok, it got a bit cold with the small amount of blankets and the water splashing us. Some of the people snored but it was nothing compared to the waves crashing onto the side of the boat. But it was amazing to look up at the sky and see the stars and the moon. It was so peaceful the next morning, I was a bit tired as I stayed up most of the night but the sunrise was beautiful. Anyways it's time to go now. I'll write when we get to tokelau.

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