Wednesday, 18 October 2017

How to make the best cheese and onion grilled sandwich

First you will need to gather your ingredients. It depends on what combination you're going for like, ham and cheese, onion and cheese, cheese and tomato or even just plain cheese.
In this I’ll be telling you how to make a perfect cheese and onion toastie.

Your ingredients consist of a quarter of a white onion marg or butter (whichever you prefer) and cheddar cheese along with two slices of plain white bread. You are free to use whatever types of butter bread and cheese.Now to assemble you toasted sandwich.

Before you do anything turn on your grilled cheese maker. Firstly spread your butter/marg on one side of your bread slices. Chop your onion into small sized pieces and spread on one slice of bread ( opposite side from the butter). Then generously spread your grated cheese on top of your onions and add a pinch of salt.

Now you want to gently place your sandwich into the sandwich maker and wait for the bread to become golden brown. Once your toastie is ready cut in half while it’s still hot then let the cheese ooz out. There you have it! The best cheese and onion grilled sandwich.
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