Monday, 16 October 2017

Musical Madness!!!

Term 4! Have you ever gotten the feeling of butterflies on the first day of the term, but last first day of your life? Well if you have then you must know how i felt, sad, excited, emotional, ecstatic and even maybe a bit petrified. This morning we had the last Immersion assembly of the year and for all the year 8 students. Our focus for the term is ‘Musical Madness’ so without further ado this is how it all went down!!

To start off the assembly Mr Burt and his Senior management team (SMT for short) formed a band and even wrote a new song called ‘Musical Madness Saves The Day.’ It rhymed, had good rhythm and the band itself was marvelous. All five teams had pretty much the same idea but in delivery I think the most informative groups were Teams one and five.

I definitely found that team 3 had the most entertaining way to showcase their idea. Their way of explaining the idea was ‘Storytelling using music’ so they decided to make a songs in real life video. They brought our school many laughs (I also heard some people singing along).

I definitely want to learn more about team fives focus which was ‘How do composers use music to evoke an emotional response in an audience’ in short words ‘What impact does music have on our emotions’. I am interested in learning what some of the words actually mean like evoke or composers. I think that this was a really good last immersion assembly at Pt England School.

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