Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Coming to you.. Streaming for more than 10 years!

It's streamed for over 10 years. This year almost 100 films made. It's the Manaiakalani Film Festival!!! This is an annual Manaiakalani cluster event. 12 schools from around our community. Each class creating their own movies. Last Wednesday teams 4 and 5  travelled to the sylvia park movie theatre to attend the Manaiakalani Film Festival. My favourite movie streamed was called 'Ask Your Aunty' it is about a group of aunties on a tv show giving advice to children with simple problems. I'm very happy to be attending Tamaki College next year as I will still have the chance to make more manaiakalani movies. Although I have 5 more years this was my last PES Film Fest movie, I'm sad but happy. I'm also ready for the next movies!!

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