Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Makey Makey and Scratch - 2017 Term 3 Ext Reflection

Makey makey Term 3 - 2017 Reflection/Plan

Last term for extension our focus was on Makey Makey and Scratch. Yvonne Venetia and I created a tune using both Scratch and Makey Makey. Zoey (worker from omg tech) came to extension to teach us how makey makey and scratch works together and separately. Once we knew how to use them both we started with our task.

We had a choice of three tasks. The first task was making a band. Using Scratch and makey makey we had to make instruments out of cardboard, decorate them hook them up to a makey makey and finally create a tune to play for every instrument. We also had the choices of a ‘Game Show’ or a ‘Controller for people with disabilities’ . We chose to do the instruments.

In conclusion I felt that this task was a personal challenge as I haven’t got much experience with using both scratch or makey makey.  Although I was nervous throughout the task I felt it was a great experience having Zoey come in and teach us so much. I also enjoyed working with the girls and finding out what they might know and what they’re interests are with this whole task.

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