Sunday, 9 July 2017

New Zealand land and sea!!

After a short ride through Auckland it is time to start exploring the rest of the country. Today you are going to venture around the north island of New Zealand to look at active volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, windswept coastline and lush, green bush. As a group, you will start at Rangitoto, the largest volcano in New Zealand before driving west to Karekare, a stunning beach on the outskirts of Auckland. You will finish the day by driving north to visit Tane Mahuta, the oldest living kauri tree in New Zealand.

The three places I enjoyed visiting the most were:
My first place was Tane Mahuta because it has alot of background history.
My sencond place is karekare beach because of the cool information given.
My third place is rangitoto island because of the sights and nature.
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  1. Kia ora Cameo,

    I love the poster that you have added to your blog post for this activity. It's really cool looking! Where did you find it? I've love to buy one for my office...