Friday, 7 July 2017

Winter learning journey!

Facts about Aotearoa:

Fact No.1:
It's really well known that New Zealanders love the water and it has been said that 15% of New Zealand families actually own their own boat. We also love adventure and and outdoor activities like: Camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, bush and/or beach walks etc.

Fact No.2:
If/when visitors come to New Zealand they are most likely to make a friend or more. The friendly and welcoming people will be the highlight of your visit as kiwis are awesome!

Fact No.3:
New Zealand has actually invented alot of things like: The tranquilliser gun, stamp vending machines, wide tooth shearing combs, bungy jumping, electric petrol pump and many more.
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  1. Kia ora Cameo and welcome back to the Winter Learning Journey blogging programme. It is awesome to have you back!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog today about New Zealand. I had no idea that New Zealanders invented things like 'stamp vending machines' and the electric petrol pump. That is pretty impressive...

    Do you enjoy inventing new things? One of my parents close friends is actually a professional inventor. His job is to create machines, gadgets or tools that people can use when problems arise in their homes. It sounds like a pretty dynamic and interesting job to me! What about you? Would you like to become an inventor or do you have plans to do something else when you grow up?

    I hope that you will continue to blog with us this holiday. We'll look forward to reading your posts and commenting!

    All the best,

    Rachel :)